RAWMAN & Green Girl- Beware the Bee Keeper

May 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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Tonya Kay is buzzin’. Health Heroes Green Girl & RAWMAN come to the rescue of some precious friends from the animal kingdom. As normal citizens, going about their business undercover, a red-light from the chief sets them in action. Originally featured at the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival, this classic Buzz aims to heighten the importance of eating the right foods. As part of an ongoing series on BuzznewsTV focused on better eating and green lifestyles; stay tuned for more. Download the Rawman and Greengirl DVD here: www.amazon.com Speaking of healthy eating; did you know, despite all of the financial problems in America, the United States consumes billions of dollars of potato chips, salty snacks, and the beloved cookie. In an upcoming Buzz review, we will go over some data from the past year’s food industry financials. Stay tuned! For more fun, go to: www.buzznews.net If you would like to become part of a hyper-viral online marketplace, where you can sell new and used items, including food and merchandise from your store, the merchant program is free. Please begin here www.commercesocial.com Enjoy.

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