RIT on TV News: Green Challenge

March 9, 2011 · 0 comments

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RIT President Bill Destler discusses plans for the Green Challenge scheduled at this year’s Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival during WXXI-TV’s (Channel 21) Need to Know program. Anchor: And how did Rochester Institute of Technology President William Destler get here? Not sure the weather was right for that bicycle, but thats what were going to talk about today. Destler: Good Morning Julie how are you? Anchor: Good how are you doing? Destler: Im doing very well Anchor: Great, Dr. Destler has issued Dr. Destlers Green Vehicle Challenge. And why dont you talk about that a little bit, what is that challenge? Destler: Well the challenge is associated with our second Innovation and Creativity Festival to be held on May 2nd. And Im challenging the RIT community to come up with alternative transportation methods that would be better than my own electric bicycle which I built last spring. And we are going to challenge anyone to beat my bike in terms of how much energy it consumes in circumventing the RIT loop which is about three miles under its own power. Anchor: I think were taking a look now at the promo of you with your bike. But youre not telling anyone how energy efficient your bike is until the day of the challenge, correct? Destler: Well Ive made photos of the bike available and so forth. Its a 47 dollar Wal-Mart bike which Ive put a front electric hub motor, and a back lithium battery pack. So I think they can probably figure it out for themselves if theyre

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