Solar Pool Pump and Filter Savior In Action

October 5, 2011 · 0 comments

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Savior has an unprecedented Return On Investment (ROI) of any solar or pool product available! ebay: Savior Solar Pool Filter is needed because of the overwhelming global expense we are all spending on pumping and filtering swimming pool owners water. The Savior isn’t just different, it’s a better way to filter their pool. Savior gives owners an opportunity to turn off their inefficient, noisy, and expensive to operate pool equipment… and also reduces their yearly 15000lbs of pollution which is better for our planet. Savior uses energy from the sun to pump 11000 gallons a day through three reusable filter cartridges. No Installation required. Savior also ensures emergency electrical power to power small appliances and life anywhere in the World. The Savior is built very strong and will work anywhere in the world. Savior is 100% Solar Power and has 12 volt 13amp battery attachment options built in to the Savior Float Body under the Solar panel. I developed the Portable Solar Power and Filtration System to ensure that people living in third-world countries have access to electrical power and safe drinking water… Hence the Savior name. Thank you! Michael Evingham CEO – Natural Current LLC ———————————————– Cell: (949) 636-4358 Email: Website: ———————————————–

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