Mw2: ACT 1 Intel Locations HD

November 30, 2010 · 10 comments

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READ FIRST SSDD Mission: 1st Intel: Once you have helped the new soldiers learn how to shoot, head towards the pitt entrance but before going in, turn NW towards the tower and the intel will be there on the table. Team Player Mission: First Intel: Inside the school and is in the right room before the exit. Second Intel: Just after you got the first intel the second one is on the exit on the right. Cliffhanger Mission: First Intel: When Soap tells you to go alone, when you reach the first truck look right and you will see a guard tower, climb the ladder and you will get the intel. Second Intel: When you’re about to enter the building with soap, instead of turning left, turn right and you will see a plane, smash the glass and the intel will be there. Third Intel: When your on the snowmobile about 1800 metres from the finish, you will find a gate and you will see the intel within the trees. Takedown Mission: First Intel: When you see the blue motorbike turn left in to the room and you will find the intel. Second Intel: When you see the red building with the ladder, climb up and the intel will be inside, Third Intel: Once you got the second intel turn left to a red building and you will find the intel next to two beds. Fourth Intel: Near the end of the mission, you will see a green car, the right room, downstairs you will see the Intel between the two beds. Thanks for watching, please Rate, Comment and Subscribe due to the hard work and effort of this video. IGNORE THIS

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