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January 9, 2011 · 6 comments

in green transportation

I drove so IF you don’t like driving, don’t watch. IF you don’t like your time wasted, don’t watch. I took this video for myself as I often do and it is boring. Hey, If you want some fast-paced exciting stuff, watch fastlanedaily, that is where the car action stuff is. Look in my subscriptions for the link.. This video is just driving down I-295 in New Jersey (The Garden State). Probably because I was enjoying the drive, I brought up the camera. I have been over this road many times but it is an alternate route I use in heavy traffic. I guess it comes down to this, if you have nothing better to do and want to see how it is out there, then I suggest you check in on this, put on some tunes and settle in for about 8 minutes. Summer has arrived in New Jersey and traffic was rather heavy with people heading for the shore. Pretty easy to tell who is on a vacation (holiday) trip by what you see. Yeah, I guess I might have swerved around a little but I was trying to get video of all kinds of tourists with all kinds of shit strapped to the roofs of all kinds of vehicles. You know that I got all that on SD for later. Oh Canada! You would think that all those frosty citizens from Quebec would drive south in the winter to thaw out but apparently that is not the case. I passed a bunch of le me souvenirs today, all of them heading south. I guess it could be to anywhere on the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Beach or OBX. For the most part this collection of weekend drivers was a challenge

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