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People like traveling. Vacation is always a nice treat for you and your family. However, with all the news about global warming and economy crisis, people consider travel more careful than ever.

Many environmentalists think that flights are the biggest killer to the atmosphere. Many families now have tighter budget than ever. While facing all these concerns, we are still trying to find out ways to get away with our family and friends. Why not travel green and explore the world without hurting our planet and pocket? Here are some simple tips for you to consider and hopefully can help you accelerate decision-making process.

Stay With Locals

Accommodation is the biggest part of your travel budget, especially travel internationally. Staying with trusted local host family would be a good option to save some budget. The cost will be lower than staying at the hotel. Furthermore, it allows you to communicate with local people, know more about their culture and language, and have some real taste of local traditional food.

If you prefer to stay at hotel, purchase an eco package from travel agency, which includes flight tickets and hotels, can save you hundreds even thousands.

Off-Season Travel

Because of high demand, the costs of the hotels and flight tickets are priced the highest than the rest the year and you properly won’t be able to find a nice destination to have some relax and peaceful time due to the crowd. To find out when the low travel periods are, you can check out the government official websites at your destination for more traveling tips and details before you go.

Another reason for off-season traveling is weather. Weather can be a big problem during vacation, so do a research on forecast reports for past few years to figure out when would be the best time to go.

Discounts are available during off-peak season. It would be a good idea to create a list of all attractions, stores and museums you want to visit during your trip and check out their websites for any coupons or vouchers they offer for either tickets or shopping.

Travel Like An Environmental Helper

To be an active environmental helper, you can find volunteer work from non-profit organizations or eco packages from travel agencies who work with non-profit organizations in order to approach to the public awareness of global warming issues. You can also participate in environmental projects that need volunteers around the world with different research themes.  

Transportations At Destinations

Even thought staying at downtown area can be expensive, you save big money on car rental and gas. Usually, all city attractions are located in downtown area within walking-distance. Also, public transportation can help you save money and easier on the environment. Train would be another good choice for transportation. If you are planning to see some attractions in further distance, check if you can get there by taking a train.

Traveling opens our eyes. To be a smart traveler requires you to do lots homework before the trip. The more you do, the more you save. In the U.S., state and local government promotes tourist programs more on eco tourism in a better and greener way. More deals, discounts and travel information can be accessed easily from official websites.

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As a green innovator and entrepreneur, Nan Gabriel founded Exchange For Green in 2009. The ultimate goal for Exchange For Green is to help families and individuals archive their “Green” goals by reducing living expenses and waste, sharing green experience and keeping things out of landfills.

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