How to Use Green Screen Photography to Shoot Fantasy Photos

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Green Screen Photography is gaining more and more in popularity, especially among small photography studios that wish to bring something new and innovative to their business – something that the large corporate photography studios don’t even bother with. Green screening, also called chroma keying, is the type of innovative technique that can give a small studio the critical edge needed to smother the competition. Moreover, if your studio can carve out a niche with a specialty such as fantasy photography, you’ll stand out in the vast photography field.

In the world of green screen photography, there is the fantasy-theme option known as “sword and sorcery.” This includes the well-known game Dungeons and Dragons, and stories such as “Lord of the Rings.” These pictures are shot with the client in an authentic costume, posed in front of the green screen with a suitable weapon, such as a bow and arrow, sword, or wand. Then, add digital background scenery such as breathtaking views of nature or ancient architectural structures — especially castles. And here’s a tip: If the client wants to come across in the photo with a soft, mystical look, fasten a piece of nylon to your camera lens with a rubber band. Instant dreamy mystery.

Science fiction is another widely used fantasy-theme choice. The more obvious of this genre would be “Star Trek”, “Star Wars” and “Babylon Five”. But it also includes steam punk (a Victorian era character who uses steam to power today’s technology) and the time and inter-dimensional travel character of “Dr. Who.” This particular niche come complete with thousands of costumed characters who are eager to be photographed. Here are some ideas for unforgettable photos: For shots on a space travel theme such as Star Trek, create the Enterprise’s observation deck, featuring a large window looking out onto a vast blanket of stars, or the Ten-Forward cantina, using a contemporary bar scene for the background. For steam punk, choose interiors of old Victorian homes.

Yet another category that can combine elements of the first two is that of fairy tales. Fairies and other gentle creatures are the stars of these photos. Magical landscapes that relay an air of mystery and a bit of mischief work well for this genre. Remember, the fairy tale scenes aren’t just for children or costumed characters. There’s another unique group who love these particular photos: high school senior girls. Consider shooting their portrait with them in their prom dress, but then placing them in this mystical land. This ensures you provide them with instant magic and joyful memories.

Finally, the last niche which can fit inside of all of these, yet also is all by itself, is that known as Anime and video game cos-play. For these types of photos, look into a lot of Asian inspired locations (both interior and exterior) as well as dilapidated locations such as an old warehouse or the remains of an ancient civilization.

The most important factor to remember when you take a fantasy picture is that, no matter how odd or extravagant the costume is, and no matter where the setting is supposed to be, if you can make the photo realistic, your client will return to you time and time again.

To get your own free green screen guide, go to Green Screen Photography

To get your own free green screen guide, go to Green Screen Photography.

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