United Kingdom Talk Video Tuesday 21st April 2009

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Tuesday’s edition of my three times a week talk show.Watch or listen to the show on Tues, Thurs & Sats here at WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMTALK.CO.UK In today’s show : I got the thickest one. Do people actually listen to radio demo’s ? Green. Travel insurance. Bare. An extra bit for audio podcast listeners – right at the end of this show.You need to be on www.unitedkingdomtalk.co.uk to hear this. My brain copes well with audio. Google street view. Pontin’s junior talent competition. Imagine being a child, and finding one of your parents no longer alive. Banging nails. Putting things in coffins. It’s a load of rubbish – but my Twitter is “CHRISREARDONUK”. At last it’s done. A little DVD of one of my shows. I need a unit. Back from my sisters house. Well done Jade. Have you ever been seriously ill while abroad ? Telling people the truth – in a nice way. Is it the drains ? Little bits & pieces. Clean but boring. We need a podcast from Irvine De Stiller My usual siesta. Joe has a new dog. Keep banging on those doors. Everything is described. A better experience without a camera. Do I look ill ? Some people don’t want you to succeed. It snapped. I never get write ups in dj circuit papers. A cold. chris@unitedkingdomtalk.co.uk www.chrisreardon.co.uk

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