1 – Matrix Designs to Realize Soul Body to White Light as Consciousness as Reincarnation Part 1

June 24, 2011 · 25 comments

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The Concise History of the Development of the Structural Resonance : So, what at the moment here on earth, and has for eons of time, is currently actually directing the course of humanity: Human beings’ structural resonance. What is human beings’ structural resonance? It is the following: (The development thereof I will explain in point form and I’m starting at the very beginning.) 1. We had the White Light system and the Soul construct. The Soul construct was infused within human beings’ physical bodies; the Soul’ was allocated in their solar plexus and contained all the information of the being’s lives they had ever experienced which was also filed in the Akashic Records in the dimensions. This done so that when the being dies, their records are able to be opened by specific beings in the dimensions who were in charge of the recycling/reincarnation process, and then again allocated anew on earth which was referred to as reincarnation. The Soul construct was designed and infused within human beings so that the dimensional beings were able to keep track’ of the beings’ progression from one life to another the reincarnation process/system. The White Light system was infused as an entire gridline structure here on earth where beings, once born and come of age, were allocated and placed in a specific cross-point within the White Light gridline structure. They would remain in this specifically allocated cross-point placement within the White Light gridline structure so that

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