1 Shaving your Head for a better World is Real Activism

January 9, 2011 · 25 comments

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Within FaceWorld were going to Take-On and Offer an Opportunity for those that Profess that they want to make a Difference in the World, a Way to Actually have an Effect in the World that will have an Economic Effect on the Corpus of the Economic Structure of the World. Within this also an Opportunity to Show in a Passive, Non-Violent Way that you are Opposing the Cancer that is Infesting Reality and that you are Taking Action and that you are Standing with a particular Principle: to Stop the Abuse of Both the Human, the Animal and the Nature Kingdoms and the Earth Itself. As you have Noticed that we are All in One Bubble which is Contained as the Atmosphere, and this is a Recycling Bubble: Everything from Energy, to Air, to Water, to Food, to Nature, to Human is all Recycling the Whole Time and Obviously What we Do with what is Here becomes Part of Us. We have taken a particular Point which is fairly Easy to Do – and which is Indicative of Human Ego so, for those that is not going to Participate in this particular Project, the only Reason Why you will not is because of Ego. And that will Confirm that you are willing to give up Everything else in Existence so that your Ego can Remain Intact. The point Specifically has to do with Shampoo and all Chemical Products related to Hair. The way to Stop using these Chemical Products and thus having a Global Effect on reducing the amount of Chemicals that go into the Water Supply and going into Nature and that is having an Effect

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