“5 Questions Every Intelligent Atheist Must Answer” – Refuting Philos71

February 25, 2011 · 25 comments

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Original video here: www.youtube.com I’m not the first to answer by any means, and it’s kind of an easy target, but I was tired. Philos71 will be known to some as the man behind the short film “The Atheist”, a film which transgresses the boundaries of taste, logic and aesthetics. To others he’s simply your average Christian apologist, recycling the arguments of his elders (but not his betters) and ignoring all dissent because, of course . . . his faith is not based on empirical or logical grounds. It came as no surprise to find that Philos is a fan of William Lane Craig, and even less than no surprise – the antisurprise, if you will – to find that William Lane Craig enjoyed “The Atheist”. Philos71 even thinks that Flew’s conversion to deism constitutes some kind of valid proof for God. I wonder what he’d think of all the people that lose their faith; would he find that disproves his belief? What a sack of balls. It was raining when I recorded it, and you can hear it as white noise in the background. I can’t control the weather yet, so it stays.

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