All “Sonic Sez” episodes (part 3)

October 28, 2010 · 25 comments

in recycling

Well, I made a mistake. Big whoop. I thought I had all the sonic sez episodes in 1 and 2. I was wrong. Of all 64 sonic sez episodes, I was unable to get 3 of them. They are episode 25 (‘sno problem), episode 58 (the robot’s robot) and episode 56 (The little merhog). I apologize for some of the scenes getting cut off at the end or the intro being removed. I couldn’t do anything to fix that. Episodes in order are: Calling out for help, wild animals, cooking, swimming, skating in safe places, electrical appliances, computers, bike laws, sharp objects, stealing, the library, dental health, vandalism, recycling, gangs, watching out for small kids, swimming (again), pets I own none of these clips. Copyright goes to the original creators.

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