Charcoal Kiln ‘UP EURO’ – The Up-to-date Factors of Charcoal Production

April 29, 2011 · 1 comment

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Charcoal Kiln ‘UP EURO’ / Углевыжигательная печь УП “ЕВРО” – Производство древесного угля в современных условиях UP “Euro” consists of 2 chambers which are connected with the heating chamber, and with each other. Each chamber has a smoke removing pipe. Chambers are equipped with smoke removing channels which are used to direct gas obtained during pyrolysis process in a heating chamber that provides ecological cleanliness of process. 12 trucks are included in the delivery set. This ensures the continuity of the process, ie the kiln belongs to facilities that can be exploited under control of 3 working shifts by 8 hours each. The construction of the kiln includes drying and pyrolysis modes. There is no need to move raw materials when changing the mode. Preliminary prepared wood, is located in trucks. The loading can be carried out both manually and by using conveyor or mechanical split. After that the trucks are moved to the drying/pyrolysis chamber, which is drying mode. Three trucks are loaded into each chamber, the capacity of the first truck of is more 1 m3 of wood. After the loaded wood becomes completely dry (it will be displayed on the temperature detector), the chamber is transferred to the “pyrolysis” mode. The formed pyrolyses gases are directed into combustion chamber, where they are burned to maintain the process. The remaining heat from the chamber in the “pyrolysis” mode goes to the one in the “drying” mode. When the pyrolysis gas formation

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