Heavy Pollutant from Recycling Plant into our Local River

December 4, 2010 · 0 comments

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This video shows in brief (because I had no access to a more sophisticated video camera), the deplorable situation of water pollution hazard caused by a giant paper recycling industry in a neighboring community called, Owerenta (in Aba, Abia State Nigeria). This industry channeled their recycled wastes into this local river (Imo River), which is very harmful to both man and aquatic animals that habit in it. The most painful of this, is that this River in question, provides the only source of water for both household and agricultural purposes for the Owerenta people: yet, nothing has been done about it, because the owners have stand in government. As I learnt from my parents and other historians, this river served as: fishing ground, irrigation water source, drinking water source and even local game grand in the past, for the people of Owerenta and their neighboring communities like my community. As I journeyed through this water through the help of a local boats man, I was so afraid not to get infected with a disease, because the bad smell emanating out of that place, could cause a low-immune person to develop serious fever. I am very grateful to have this wonderful opportunity of showcasing this appalling state of the Imo River (though I was not able to show more of the hazards, due to poor video and camera facilities, but I believe it is explanative as well informative) caused by inhumane act, by some group of individuals who called themselves, industrialists. This

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