Hitman Blood Money Review

May 10, 2011 · 25 comments

in recycling

The fourth Hitman game, now with more uniforms and better stealth. Extremely good game if you’re looking for alot of hours of fun on a modern system. Easily one of my favorite games. Overall score: 90% Game Rating: MA15+ Duration: 3-5 hours (with endless replay) Difficulty: Average Price: $10 US Replay value: Extreme Port to Buy: Xbox 360 Recommended level: The Murder of Crows Pros: +Assassinate in style however you want +Spectacular level design +Depth of visuals (check out House of Cards) +Custom weapons (patriot pistol, yes!) +Awesome outfits to play around with Cons: -Unresponsive AI (but this does make the game even better at times) -Voice acting goes all over the place -Attempted story -Bugs (alerts triggered for no reason after a while) -Objective recycling, always the same mission

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