How to Recycle Computer and Technology Equipments?

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With the development of technology, new trendy computer models appear with advanced features and offer users dozens of options tempting them to replace the older versions with the newer ones. Most of us pay minimal attention to the electronic waste and seldom realize that the insensitive dispersing of the e-waste pollutants can have a detrimental impact on atmosphere. Some common computer components recycled are as follows:


The CPU contains a wide number of poisonous elements such as mercury in the switches of printed circuit boards that can cause infinite damage to nervous system; toxic cadmium in semiconductor chips that cause damage to kidney; and harmful lead can disturb brain neurotransmitters and cause lung cancer. Proper disposal would be to contact a professional reputed computer recycler such as and ask them to collect old obsolete CPUs.


Monitors such as the older cathode ray tube monitors known as CRT’s, is devastating. Monitors contain toxic substances such as lead (up to eight pound), mercury, chromium and cadmium. These substances are considered highly destructive to global environment and health. The users are advised to stretch the period of using such monitors. In the case buying a new LCD monitor, they should call a professional computer recycler such as . There are several recycling companies functioning across the world and the users can directly contact them online or call them up for advice. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to make sure that every bit of computer equipment is properly recycled and not thrown in the dumps. 

Keyboard, mouse, printers and modem

The components such as mouse, keyboards, modem and printer are mostly made of plastics, and steel, but also contain harmful materials that can cause damage to the local atmosphere and create health hazards. The equipment do not contain much valuable metal and can also be given to professional computer recyclers. The components such as circuit board can be reused after recycling.


Cable is made of metals and plastic substances that release dioxins, which is likely to cause cancer. Most of the cable covers contain Phthalates, a substance used to improve flexibility, which damages kidney and liver. It is quite valuable for its copper wires inside. Users can find out and consult with computer equipment  recyclers and ask them to be recycled.

Toner cartridge and Ink-jet cartridge

Toner cartridges are “carbon black” which is another poisonous substance for health. Exposure to it can cause respiratory tract irritation. According to The International Agency for Research on Cancer, carbon black contains the substance that causes skin and lung cancer. Ink-jet cartridge is also harmful and causes allergic reactions. The good news is theses cartridges can be recycled and reused.

The users can contact recycling companies such as instead of throwing them thoughtlessly. Computer recycling is significant for saving the world from detrimental effects of substances and venomous chemicals. The computer recycling industry has been expanding extensively and their success mostly depends on how we cooperate with them.

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