How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances and Fun Ways to Use Them in Decoration

January 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances and Fun Ways to Use Them in Decoration

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Home Page > Business > How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances and Fun Ways to Use Them in Decoration

How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances and Fun Ways to Use Them in Decoration

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Posted: Nov 03, 2007 |Comments: 0


Do you have a lot of old kitchen appliances that you want to get rid of? What about defective kitchen appliances that you want to throw away? Before you fill up those trash bins, do consider recycling your old kitchen appliances and even use them as decorations in your home. Want to know more? Below are some examples, ideas and fun ways for you to consider.

1. If you own an old plastic water container, you may want to convert it into an instant and unique aquarium! Clean the container very well and then fill it up with water fit for your pet gold fish and then buy plastic seaweeds and perhaps a plastic aquaman figurine from the pet store. A plastic water container aquarium can truly be a great conversation piece for your future home gatherings. Plus, just imagine the smile on your child’s face when he sees his pet fish inside the water dispenser! Naturally, you need to tell your child that he should not get drinking water from that container anymore. Better yet, seal the dispenser with translucent tape.

2. The pitcher-like part of your old blender can make a good table centerpiece or a vase. What you need to do is clean it very well, let it dry and then whip out your collection of poster paints. You can spruce up your old blender by painting it with abstract colors and designs. If you think stripes can complement the area where you intend to place your old blender, then come up with nice, clean stripes. Use your imagination! You can also ask your child to help you out by asking him to paint the handle.

3. Turn your old slow cooker into an instant “treat box.” Fill it up with sweets or any other treats such as candies, lollipops and mints. Wrap the slow cooker with brand new décor paper or Japanese paper and perhaps place a fancy sticker which you printed out from your own computer that says “treat box.” You can then place your new “treat box” in your living room. Your house guests will truly be surprised to see something as unique as this.

4. You can convert your defective rice cooker into a mini home for growing plants. Put soil in the aluminum container and then transfer a budding plant. You can then tend for the plant and let it grow. This is just good for the plant’s first few weeks, though. You need to transfer it again to a bigger pot especially when the roots start to grow.

5. If you own an old microwave oven and if your child has a diorama that he made for a school project, you can store that diorama inside the oven. It will be a fun way to preserve your child’s work and at the same time let others see it. Who knows – your child might even bring it to school on the next show-and-tell!

As you can see, what’s really important about recycling old kitchen appliances and then turning them into fancy decors is the fact that you can exercise your creativity and imagination to their fullest. Don’t hesitate to show your artistic side – it is only then that people see how unique your ideas can be.

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James Kara Murat
About the Author:

This Article is written by James Kara Murat from, the contributor of PrintCountry FAQ. A longer version of this article is located at How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances to Use Them in Decoration and related resources can be found at PrintCountry Recycle Program.

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This Article is written by James Kara Murat from, the contributor of PrintCountry FAQ. A longer version of this article is located at How to Recycle Old Kitchen Appliances to Use Them in Decoration and related resources can be found at PrintCountry Recycle Program.

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