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June 14, 2011 · 8 comments

in recycling Are you interested in starting a scrap metal business? Lately it seems that more and more individuals are looking into the possibility of starting a scrap metal business. No doubt this business seems to have put a lot of cash into the pockets of many individuals. We all have heard stories of individuals who have left high paying jobs, purchased a heavy duty pickup truck, began picking up unwanted appliances and scrap metal from the streets, and end up making more in this business than they had at prior jobs. The prospect of making a $150000 a year or more draws a lot of individuals into this business. And, sure enough there are many individuals who make that much and even more, yes much more. So, What might someone need in order to get started in this business. For one, there are probably several types of scrap metal businesses a person can start. But, before starting any type of business it is extremely important to talk to the Authorities in your state, county, or town in order to obtain the proper licensing. It would not be worth starting something, make a lot of money a it, and be shut down by the Government only because you did not obtain the proper licensing or pay your taxes. Therefore, do your homework. As mentioned above there are probably several different types of scrap metal businesses a person can start. But, let’s talk about how a person can start this business from the bottom and work their way up to the top. First, You

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