MUL MANTRA ~ Snatam Kaur [HD]

June 28, 2011 · 25 comments

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Ek Ong Kar Sat Naam Kartaa Purkh, Nirbhao Nirvair Akaal Murat Ajuni, Saibhang Guru Prasaad Jaap Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach Hai Bhee Sach, Nanak Ho Si Bhee Sach Nanak Ho Si Bhee Sach Repeat Composers: Nanak, Guru, Khalsa, Snatam Kaur, Thomas Barquee, Barrett, Ganga, Khalsa, Guru Ganesha Singh, Khalsa, Guru Prem Singh * * * * * Mool or Mul Mantra is a basic key prayer of Sikhs which sums up the basic concepts of the Sikh religion. Ik Onkar — There is one God Satnam — His Name is everlasting Karta — He is the Creator Purakh — He is present through His Creation Nirbhao — He fears none Nirvair — He hates none Akal Murat — His existence is immortal Ajuni — He is not born, nor does He die Saibhang — He is self-illuminated Gur prasad — He is realized through the grace of the Guru Mul means root, it has a similar etymological origin to the Punjabi language word Muli which means white radish. A Mantar or Mantra is “an empowering formula for repetition”. The Mul Mantra is thus the root statement of Sikhism. Listen to more of Snatam Kaur’s music here: ~Early life and education: As a child, Kaur heard Harbhajan Singh Yogi when her parents attended his classes after becoming Sikhs. The family moved to California when Kaur was two, living in Long Beach and Sacramento. When Kaur was six, the family went to India where her mother studied kirtan. Kaur lived on a ranch near Bolinas, California as an adolescent, playing kirtan with her mother in Sikh temples and attending Tamalpais

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