Plastic Lawn Edging

March 20, 2011 · 0 comments

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Plastic Lawn Edging

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Gardening > Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic Lawn Edging

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Posted: Aug 12, 2010 |Comments: 0

Lawn Edging In General

Among the more exasperating tasks of a lawn owner deals with having to deal with what sorts of edge there is around the lawn. Without edging of any kind, there invariably the weed eating or the grass clippers, snipping along the outer rim of the always-escaping and rhizoming grass, looking for new areas to laterally move in on. Keeping a lawn edge looking good has been the full time task for lawn owners ever since the very invention of expanses of grass as a landscape design element.

Fortunately, there have been a few advances. Now days, when installing a lawn, may installers advise – to hopeful effect – that some sort of barrier be installed which will make this task no longer necessary. It’s possible! Everything – and entire galaxy of materials has been tried with varying success: from wooden slats, bent around and conforming to the edge to using cement, laid in place before the lawn is placed and now to a very handy and effective product: plastic lawn edging.

Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic lawn edging is rapidly becoming the most selected and popular solution to lawn expansions at the edges. The benefits are substantial, too. For one thing, installing the edging material is extremely easy. Its flexible nature allows conforming to the curves of lawns easily. Packing them up tight to an existing lawn is also just as easy as trying to place them prior to laying sod or seed. Merely digging perpendicularly, as close as possible to the desired edge, allows for a tight, ready-made answer to containment. Plastic edging can also be hidden away beneath the top level of grass and still maintain its essential role as a containment mechanism.

Plastic lawn edging does not break down over time. It’s durability and longevity will, in the end, explain its superiority as a lawn edging material. Current plastic lawn edging is also made from recycled plastic products which further enhances the goal of using products responsibly and sensibly. In fact, it remains one of the primary benefits of the material. But plastic lawn edging has also morphed from a thin and somewhat weak defense against the rhizomes of grasses – it has become a tough, durable product which can act to retain enormous pressure, such as those plastic materials now designed to make garden beds out of, which are far wider strips of plastic with just as much staying power.

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Mr Ofer El-Hashahar
About the Author:

Mr Ofer El-Hashahar – UK Based, B.Sc.Agr, Garden designer and main supplier of garden edging in the UK, Offer personal service at best4garden online shop


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Mr Ofer El-Hashahar – UK Based, B.Sc.Agr, Garden designer and main supplier of garden edging in the UK, Offer personal service at best4garden online shop


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