Shadow and Marine- Episode 1

March 21, 2011 · 25 comments

in recycling

Voices: Shadow/Sonic/Silver- SilverKnux1991 Marine/Amy- PianoAngelOfSnow -Thanks SilverKnux and Piano =) For some stupid reason, youtube wont let type lots… so, main things; Piano changed her script as Marine for the original script didn’t go… and despite my crappy drwings, I think it turned out okay. (And xD Silver’s old granny phone.) Music: Mario’s theme, Always race to win, Sonic Rush Adventure- cutscene normal Sounds: MSN telephone, Windows XP recycling, me hitting my poor PSP D= and me saying wooooooosh for when they run xP I think I could have done much better now when I look back at this. It was very rushed… x_X… Meeeh… Honours for this video (1) #70 – Top Favourited (Today) – Entertainment

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