Should I report him?

July 9, 2011 · 25 comments

in recycling The question that I am asking my subscribers is this, is there a line when it comes to Internet Drama? Where is that line and has crossed it. When you put yourself on the internet you essentially open yourself up to not only criticism but also trolling. This is the internet and those without thick skin need not apply. However, does his recent actions warrant complaining to YouTube about. Just in the past few months he has accused me of the following: Rape, pedophilia, mail fraud, hacking into his account, terrorism, assault, and other criminal acts. Now, I do welcome criticism and you do have to put in a good deal of effort before I block someone. However is his conduct beyond simple edrama. Now, he may counter, that I have said negative things about him. This is true. However, every thing I have ever said I can back up with proof. I can prove it in video. Furthermore, I have repeatedly debunked his wild accusations. It is not that I am crying foul over his behavior towards me, but he does have a history of turning on people when they are unable or unwilling to help him any further. His current platform on YouTube has given him access to convince people into sending him money. He recently posted a video announcing he received more money from his subscribers. Reporting him to YouTube will not stop him from attacking me of course, but it will greatly diminish his ability to manipulate others for his own benefit. He has tricked me multiple

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