Truth about Rubbish Emergency in Naples, Democracy, and Freedom in Italy (SUBTITLED ENG)

March 28, 2011 · 25 comments

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NO ITALIAN NEWSPAPER AND NO ITALIAN NEWCAST TALKED ABOUT THE SERIOUS FACTS THAT YOU WILL SEE IN THIS VIDEO. This video, in fact, shows that Italy is going to be a dispotism. All newspapers and magazines publish only the news that politician want, and people that try to demonstrate their dissent are blocked and threatened by police. Silvio Berlusconi, in July the 18th, announced that rubbish emergency of Naples was over, and all newspapers published this new. But this is not the truth. In fact, rubbish are still all over Napoli’s periphery. Furthermore, Berlusconi wants to built toxic and useless incinerators, and started a “rubbish project” in Naples, without considering promoting of solutions like recycling and differentiating process. In fact in Italy, thanks to a swindle-law approved by government many years ago, owners of incinerators have great earnings, as they were producing CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY. And so Berlusconi madre a great project to do gain his friends. Situation in Italy today is depressing. Justice is totally controlled by policy, and the most of TV stations are controlled by the power of Silvio Berluconi, who daily promotes uncostitutional laws and shows altered news, controlling so the public opinion. THANKS TO NECLEA, ANDYWINXP AND NANNI

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