Warringah Residential Garbage (MJ MkIV)

April 28, 2011 · 25 comments

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It has been almost three months since I uploaded anything, so a new video has definitely been overdue. As most of you know I now work fulltime, so I have been very busy lately and have had a few other garbage truck related priorities to take care of. I don’t have much of an opportunity to take videos at the moment, though whenever I do get a privilege or a day off work I will do what I can, initially in the local area and then I’ll expand my horizons even further beyond Sydney when I get my provisional driver’s licence. I have over 200 videos ready to upload from previous occasions, so I won’t be running out of posts anytime soon. I hope you all enjoy the videos that I’ll be putting up in the future… I decided to restart my uploads with another small Warringah series, comprising of two videos. Through my last handful of uploads, I can say that I have posted a sufficient amount of the current rear loaders in my council (excluding the little trucks), however I had to remove those four clean-up videos I posted due to privacy :/ So I figured it is about time I threw up some more footage of the side loaders, with the last SL video being posted about 8 months ago! This particular two-part series is based around the residential garbage and recycling collections, featuring truck #102 which is one of the 7 standard MacDonald Johnston side loaders found in the fleet. On my second last day of the Christmas holidays (Wednesday 7th, January) I remained local within my own suburb. I

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