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Congratulations! You have just found the Ultimate DIY Renewable Energy Tips!

Let me tell you a few unknown facts about renewable energy:

Over 93% of energy used in the U.S comes from non-renewable sources such as coal, gas and oil.Less than 7% comes from renewable sources. Doesn’t that suprise you?

This means that over 93% of our energy used is harming the environment, increasing global warming and reducing the supplies of coal, gas and oil that are left on our planet. Statistics show that if we continue using these non-renewable energy sources, we will have less than 50 years until they run out, unless changes are made.

Why not make these changes now to save the environment?? If even 10% of the U.S started installing their own solar panels and wind turbines, think how much better the environment would be, and how much better you would feel about yourself…
Add into this the fact that you will save at least 80% on your energy bill every year by installing your own renewable sources, it really is a thing you need to do right now!

I can tell you that now is the time to start building your own turbine/ solar panels due to all of the benefits it comes with:

1. The current economic climate means every people everywhere are struggling financially. This could save you a lot of money, especially when I tell you that if you produce more energy than you need, the energy companies will actually pay you!

2. The state of the environment cannot be ignored as it is getting worse and worse every day. We have to, as a whole, start making changes ourselves.

3. The current price of this deal I am offering you is ridiculously cheap, but I know that it will not stay that way for long. Building your own renewable energy source for this price is unthinkable so get it whilst its cheap!

When there are things you could be doing to save the environment, whilst saving a lot of your own money, why aren’t you?

billlaw70 is an online product reviewer, dedicated to the environment and renewable energy. To visit his site and start saving money on energy bills, Click Here!


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