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recycling The question that I am asking my subscribers is this, is there a line when it comes to Internet Drama? Where is that line and has crossed it. When you put yourself on the internet you essentially open yourself up to not only criticism but also trolling. This is the internet and those without thick skin need not apply. However, does his recent actions warrant complaining to YouTube about. Just in the past few months he has accused me of the following: Rape, pedophilia, mail fraud, hacking into his account, terrorism, assault, and other criminal acts. Now, I do welcome criticism and you do have to put in a good deal of effort before I block someone. However is his conduct beyond simple edrama. Now, he may counter, that I have said negative things about him. This is true. However, every thing I have ever said I can back up with proof. I can prove it in video. Furthermore, I have repeatedly debunked his wild accusations. It is not that I am crying foul over his behavior towards me, but he does have a history of turning on people when they are unable or unwilling to help him any further. His current platform on YouTube has given him access to convince people into sending him money. He recently posted a video announcing he received more money from his subscribers. Reporting him to YouTube will not stop him from attacking me of course, but it will greatly diminish his ability to manipulate others for his own benefit. He has tricked me multiple


4 Chords, 22 Songs on Guitar

July 8, 2011

My third “4 chords” video in which I give an example of some of the many songs that can be played using the same four chords. Watch my guitar lesson to learn how to play these four chords: Watch my “4 Chords, 19 Songs” video – Watch my “4 Chords, 21 Songs” video […]

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The 10 Commandments of Mother Earth

July 8, 2011

The earth is what we all have in common. ~ Wendell Barry THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF MOTHER EARTH by Ernest Callenbach I. Thou shall love and honor the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival. II. Thou shall keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons. […]

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FC Barcelona – El Clásico 5 Wins In A Row 2008-2010 ||HD||

July 8, 2011

MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: T his V ideo I s M ade F or Y ou – T ake C are – L ebo A katio © Hey guys, this is another video with the best club on the planet FC Barcelona. I made It for you and for all my subscribers, ENJOY IT, […]

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Pink Floyd – Take It Back (Español)

July 7, 2011

Pink Floyd – Take it Back Esta es la traducción de Take It Back para los que querían conocer el significado en español, Si se preguntan de que trataba, es en efecto una cancion sobre la Tierra y que si seguimos destruyendo todo, ella se llevaria (segun entiendo) La Vida misma!. De los dos videos […]

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Recycled Crafts: Detergent Cap Cupcake Pincushion

July 6, 2011

For more videos visit: Royalty Free Music from: http TERMS ANDCONDITIONS: You have permission to embed this video directly from youtube, using youtube’s native embed method. Provided you follow the rules below. You DO NOT have permission to alter, download, reproduce, allow this video to be downloaded, host or […]

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BZ Community Class- Monica Parales & Anthony Ladao Duet

July 5, 2011

MEET ANTHONY LADAO At 11 years old he walked in to his first dance class in Issaquah Washington with his future mentor Bryan Tanaka as his teacher……..That was it……The day Lil’ Tanaka was born! Anthony Ladao became the youngest member of Breed in 2005 showing the dance community in Seattle that a 12 year old […]

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euronews le mag – Leading Chinese artist recycles ancient porcelain

July 4, 2011

Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng is one of China’s most original artists. Looking for a new kind of material, he has opted for recycling. Using old porcelain shards, he cleans them, shapes them, then assembles them with silver wire, creating dazzling costumes, which have travelled around the world…. Enjoyed this article?More information on Go Green […]

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How To Dismantle A Wooden Pallet

July 3, 2011

A well rehearsed method to dismantle a pallet. It was Gerrit Reitvild who first deconstructed a transport crate to reassemble it into furniture that was both affordable and could be easily constructed from the individual pieces. In that sprit this video is made to reveal a method to dismantle this wooden beast of burden, the […]

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Life In Space: Living On The ISS

July 2, 2011

Science & Reason on Facebook: Mission OasISS: Life in Space – Living on the ISS … everyday life onboard ISS. ESA astronaut Frank De Winne shows how the astronauts living on the International Space Station start their day in space, how and what they eat and drink in space, and how the astronauts exercise […]

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July 1, 2011

The more you recycle, the more Points you earn. The more Points you earn, the more you save. That’s because the City of Hartford has been piloting the RecycleBank program. Hartford has seen double the tonnage in materials since implementation of the rewards program. Meet a resident who recycles more now than ever before. See […]

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