Dante and Lulu 1/27/2010 Scenes Part 2

February 16, 2011 · 9 comments

in green earth

Lulu is at Carly’s preparing to do her godmother duties.Lulu says she needs the distraction,cause Dominic is driving her crazy.Lulu says she did what she wasn’t supposed to do in falling in love.Carly says “love”?That’s serious.Lulu says she’s fallen completely in love,and now Dominic is pushing her away to protect her.Carly says what is he trying to protect her from?Dante shows up at Olivia’s.They talk about the christening.Dante says he is considering canceling,since he has been lying to everyone for months,and he is going to bring Sonny down.Olivia says he should stay.He says she’s been begging him to go for months.Dante says What about Lulu?The Godmother.she is going to be standing up at the alter knowing that he is sending Sonny away to prison.Olivia says out of everything that’s going down,the thing that bothers him the most,is how it’s going to affect Lulu.Olivia says him and Lulu?She has to say,she is liking this.He says not to start.She says what?They’ve gotten closer,he’s saved her life,and Lulu is now his first concern.Dante says don’t tell the relative he has a girl,cause it won’t last.Olivia says why not?He says he has to keep Lulu safe?There is no way on God’s Green Earth that he will allow Lulu to be in any danger,cause Sonny’s men will haunt him down.She says to stop being so doom and gloom.Her son is falling in love.He says she’s been warning him for months,why is she so calm now?Liv says she sees him with a beautiful girl she likes and approves of,so why

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