LOWRACER HYBRID SPEEDBIKE -5- …ready to start!

April 5, 2011 · 25 comments

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#5 THE ULTIMATE BIKE IS READY! …..UNLIMITED RANGE AND 100% ECO-FRIENDLY POWERED! Which distance was your last bike/trike ride? 50Km or 70Km? With the “LowRacer Hybrid” I can ride up to 270Km in only one day! Okay, I must admit freely that I’ve got excellent motor assistance, it’s not fair-minded to compare it together with conventional bikes….. I only pedal my 65-70rpm on the crank and always the same load. So really a mountain never exists! I’ve worked out system with an air cooled hubmotor, in the year 2009 I removed the 4 dc-motors and all the relays! Instead of the 4 motors I’ve got now a little 75liter “trunk” and then a separated engine compartment. Instead the relais I’d a programmable 50A MosFET controller, so I can reprogram “via USB” every wish I want! The controller has got a oversized tunnel heatsink and it’s the only part that getting warm in this system, so I use this as an air heater too. Additional in this latest version I have a seperated air-heat-booster! To shift the gears I’ve got a “TipTronic”, that means, one button upshift and the other shift down a gear. To speedup I need only a very short time, but here the problem, to speedup without a “burn out”! I’d programmed the ideal value now. For a quick slow down I have 2x 210mm Magura hydraulic disc brakes in the front and for a soft slow down the motor recuperation in the back! I don’t coupled the recuperation with the front brakes, I only stop pedaling and press the slower&faster shift button

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