Reusable Water Bottle by SIGG

April 18, 2011 · 24 comments

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More info here: This reusable water bottle by Swiss company SIGG is not only an eco-friendly bottle, but also a safe water bottle that’s BPA-free. If you don’t already own a reusable water bottle, please think twice. In the US alone we use over 30 Billion plastic bottles, that’s 3.5 Million bottles every hour. On top of that, 80% of the water bottles don’t get recycled. In fact, they end up in landfills, oceans, rivers, and even on birds stomachs, that’s right: birds eat the water bottle caps and they even feed it to their babies thinking it’s food. Its heartbreaking to see that we could avoid that. Another main reason to use reusable aluminum bottles such as SIGG’s is that most plastic water bottles are made with BPA, which is a synthetic material that can cause several problems, in between cancer, obesity and neurological problems, according to several researches that have been done. SIGG bottles have been out and about for over a century and they’re a very honest and upfront company. I know that a few years ago they were having some problems with BPA in the lining, and when we asked them about it, they didn’t hide behind the bush, they responded right away and said that the lining had been replaced since 2008 and is now 100% BPA free. According to their site, what differs SIGG from most other reusable bottles is that their bottles are manufactured from a single piece of pure aluminum. They say: “SIGG bottles are perfectly extruded for uniform, seamless

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