Guardianship Powers: Elemental

June 23, 2011 · 19 comments

in green earth

Guardians are a universal follower/protector and help use of abilities to help use them to help people who are in need of assistance in danger or preserved events, they deflect darkness. these are the main elements: FIRE: Pyrokinesis – Ability to create, start, and manipulate the element fire. with this one could shape fire from generation to make it into any shape the manic desires. they can also heat and melt or boil water,objects, and totally control every particle of heat and fire around the locations,. with enhanced you could generate fire filling force fields, project fire discs, bombs, balls, blasts, etc.. with some upgraded it can almost combust objects. as in total explosion. Psammokinesis – Ability to heat sand or manipulate it into making it imobolize or inhabitilize and use it as concussive blasts that can almost durate skin off people. Thermokinesis – The ability to alter the heat in objects,liquids, etc.. with this one can generate heat in objects or places, and use it as a flamable gas source. this has been shown to generate lucke warm water. WATER: Hydrokinesis – Ability to create,shape,and manipulate water, with that one can generate water bolts, blasts, bullets, and water dropleting used to create vavid water geyser blows. with this you could also shape water into any , ANY , shape the manical desires. you may also cause rain or melt clouds and manipulate them. and cause water force fields. Thermokinesis – The ability to alter the heat in objects,liquids

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