MarioPaint Composer- Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

September 14, 2011 · 1 comment

in green earth

I would like it known that I utterly DESPISE Windows Live Movie Maker. That is all. But seriously, welcome to my first foray into the wonderful toy that is MarioPaint! Wow, this was tedious and it took FOREVER and it was SO MUCH FUN!! However, since this IS my very first try, it does kind of suck a bit. The transitions between files are HORRENDOUS, but thankfully there’re only two of them. For some reason CamStudio records extremely jerkily on my home computer, so I did this at my boyfriend’s house (ergo WLMM instead of my usual WMM). But here CamStudio likes to omit little bits of audio here and there. I gave good timing priority, so we have slightly FUBAR audio. Also, I did skip the “One, two, three- YEAH” at the beginning (more out of stupidity than anything else), I used the newer “Czech and Slovakia” lyric, and I purposely left out the nifty break after “OAHU!” because there is no way on the gods’ green earth that anyone is EVER going to talk me into attempting a Jeff Thacher solo on MARIOPAINT. I’ll leave that to the experts and people with even more time on their hands than I’ve got, which is saying something. Significant. Anyway, I thought it fitting that my first MarioPaint video be a tribute to what in my not-so-humble opinion is the BEST musical group EVER, and to the awesome guy who founded them and wrote this. Sean Altman and Rockapella, here’s to you! Please rate and comment! Hope you enjoy!

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