Where To Find Every Gem In WEBKINZ World! Read Description!

August 2, 2011 · 25 comments

in green earth

——————————————————————————– There are 3 levels for each of the 5 colors of Gems. On the top level for each, there is one gem. On the second level, there are two gems. On the third level, there are three gems. This gives us 6 gems in each color class, for a total of 30 gems. This gives us 5 top level, 10 second level and 15 bottom level gems. The top level gems fetch the highest price and are also the hardest to find. Each of the top-level gems can only be found in one mine. Top White ? Diamond ? Buried Bones Top Yellow ? Corona Topaz ? Barking Mad Top Blue ? Ocean Sapphire ? Howling Horse Top Green ? Earth Emerald ? Flea Floater Top Red ? Red Ruby Heart ? Muzzle Mouth Each of the second-level gems can be found in two mines Second White ? Unicorn horn, Yum Zum Sparkle ? Buried Bones + Muzzle Mouth Second Yellow ? Aurora Rox, Pyramid Plunder – Buried Bones + Barking Mad Second Blue ? Teardrop Tower, Sea Stone – Barking Mad + Howling Horse Second Green ? Moss Marble, Cat?s Eye Glint – Howling Horse + Flea Floater Second Red ? Volcano Viscose, Ember Amber – Flea Floater + Muzzle Mouth Finally, the third-level gems can be found in 3 mines Third White ? Zingoz Zincoz, Booger Nugget, Goober Glitter – Buried Bones + Flea Floater + Howling Horse Third Yellow ? Carat Eclipse, Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop – Barking Mad + Muzzle Mouth + Flea Floater Third Blue ? River Ripple, Rainbow Flower, Aqua Orb – Howling Horse + Buried Bones

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