– COCO 9500R Bidet Review

July 12, 2011 · 1 comment

in Energy Saving – Scene 1 – Hi this is Kathy with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the COCO 9500R. The 9500R comes with a convenient remote control which is used to access all of the bidet’s functions. You can see it has an attractive silver plating in front, which also serves as a notch to raise the lid as well. – Scene 2 – Mounting the bidet on the toilet is a very simple process. Check out the “Installation” section of our website for a helpful video on how to install a bidet. – Scene 3 – At the time this video was produced, the 9500R was COCO’s latest entry into the bidet seat market. From this angle, you can see the lid is raised slightly in the middle, with a recessed profile around the edges. There’s a black bar that goes across the rear of the unit, with the “COCO” logo centered in the middle. Although it’s remote operated, you can still access basic functions of the bidet through the use of a mini-control-panel located on the side of the bidet. – Scene 4 – Here’s a close-up of the mini-panel. Three buttons are available — posterior wash, frontal wash, and a stop button. – Scene 5 – From the side profile, you can see the electric cord extends from the left side of the unit. You can also see the vents for the air deodorizer… these cartridges can easily be replaced, and then re-inserted back into the unit. – Scene 6 – Here is a close-up of the rear of the bidet. Just to the left of the cord outlet, there is a small electrical grounding point, which can

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