Energy Conservation with Gumi

May 28, 2011 · 25 comments

in Energy Saving

Be Prepared for a Long Description! ^^ Welcome to my lovely video about energy conservation! and my first full length MMD animation. For the project, we were told to test a energy saving method. I chose unplugging appliances when I didn’t use it. I should have used my laptop, but because I constantly unplug every day. I can’t really measure it very well. So I settled for my printer, which sits right next to my desk. As much as I really want to talk about the entire project here, I sorta need to save space. ehehe… Plz comment, fave, like, and/or like! I’d also like some critique as well. Help me reach my goal of 300 views, 100 likes, and 50 comments. Overview of Credits: Software Used: MikuMikuDance 7.28, MikuMikuEffect 0.26, MikuMikuPaint 3.1 Model: HS Gumi by Saboten Voice: Me! (edited with Audacity 1.3) Stage: ステージL, L Stage by no name Effects Used: Diffusion, SSAO, SoftLightHLShader, Spotlight 2.0 from VPVP wiki Music: Freedom (techno plano remix) by Gurdonark from cc.mixter Matryoshka by Hacchi Post-Production: Windows Movie Maker 6.1, Cyberlink PowerDirector v8 … Yup, seriously didn’t want to show myself talking in front of a camera, so Gumi’s doing the job for me. I’m probably going to get started on making actual MMD PVs when I have the time. Support some of my buddies, who are also doing this project! Edit 4/26: Apparently, I think I need to make a low quality version of this

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