My low voltage input pulsing EMF open air Plasma 2 (Material Exposure)

August 3, 2011 · 8 comments

in Energy Saving

Just messing around with my 16 volt input pulsing EMF open air plasma circuit. As you can see I’m able to handle the emitting rods while switched on and they get pretty hot within seconds. High potential voltage AC is produced using pulsing EMF. Enough to light a 220 – 240 volt 15 watt energy saving bulb and create an open air plasma ball. Works with voltage input as low as 6 volts DC from a rechargeable battery but is easily blown out by slight air turbulence. I find 16 volt AC input produces a stable enough plasma ball for my current tinkering needs. I have been able to manipulate the plasma to creating arching effects with pulsing electromagnets. I will post more on this after further investigation. Here’s just some material exposure to the plasma ball created.

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