Power Penguins Grocery Store Energy Study

May 8, 2011 · 18 comments

in Energy Saving

Team 2877 of FIRST Lego League (FLL) presents their study of grocery store energy usage for the Power Puzzle research presentation. The video pauses for team members to deliver a live message. Derek: CARS Changing the way you drive or maintain your car to the store can reduce your costs by over 26%. Fuel can be very expensive. Tip: When buying your next car look at buying an energy saving alternative car. Or, stay the speed limit and don’t floor the gas pedal because it wastes gas. Eric: STORE DOORS Some stores have just one layer of customer doors which can waste lots of A/C and heating. Two or more sliding glass doors form an air lock and keeps the air from escaping the store. The average cost for A/C, heating and refrigeration for stores open 24 hours a day and 365 day is about $22000 a month! Lorisa: OPEN FREEZERS Open freezer coffins have vents to keep the air circulating. When you reach inside it breaks an air curtain. More energy is needed to keep food cold. Pick what you want before you reach in. Holly: RESTROOMS Sensor faucets in store bathrooms reduce water. Hot water takes energy to heat. If you use a regular faucet be sure to turn off the water and do not waste it. Ian: FREEZER DOORS Freezer contains milk, pizza, and ice cream. The temperatures are -15 degrees to -25 degrees. There is defroster to help keep the moisture off the glass doors. This helps keep the door clear so people can see products. Don’t keep open the door. So, we can save cold air and more

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