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in green gas

VID 0077 (888)Fin-Stat.Com_FINancial_STATement_STATistics_arushine@aol.com_(305)On-Trial_Expert_Witness_Testimony (888)346-7828_arushine@aol.com_DrARush@gmail.com_(305)668-5425 Rushinek, A. and Rushinek S. (2010a) “Uncooking The Books From Toxic Paper Sub-Prime Mortgages CDS And CSOS Material Misstatements Of The Financial Services Industry: Crisis Challenges And Counterparty Surveillance Of Collateralized Debt Obligations”, The International Journal of Economics and Accounting, Volume 1, No. 1/2, 2010, 138-160. (Accessed on January 16, 2011) www.inderscience.com Rushinek, A. and Rushinek S.(2010, June) “Oil ETN Trading Rule Linear & Polynomial Daily Open & Close Regression Forecasts- An Automated Software Development- Exit Strategy And Automated Stop Rules”, Oil, Gas, Energy Quarterly, June 2010, Volume 58, No. 4683-698. (Accessed on January 16, 2011) www.lexisnexis.com www.wshein.com Rushinek, A. and Rushinek S. (2010c) “Assessment Automation Software for Accounting of Domain Name Auctions, Forensic Audit Appraisal, ANOVA Of Price And Cost, ROI Univariate And Multivariate Linear Regression Forecasting Models”, International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting, accepted for publication, Issue 4, 2010. (Accessed on January 16, 2011) www.docstoc.com www.inderscience.com Rushinek, A. and Rushinek S.(2010d) “Forensic-Free AV Surveillance Audit Podcasts For E-Competence Of Academics And Staff — Repurposed Traditional Instructions For Blended, Distance And Self

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