David Hopkins – How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World

June 19, 2011 · 1 comment

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At West Coast Green, David Hopkins, co-author of Tactics of Hope, highlights the work of some great social entrepreneurs, and offers suggestions on where social entrepreneurs can find funding. For in depth info on the social entrepreneur movement, read the book Tactics of Hope. Lorna Li (LL) – Hi There, I’m Lorna Li from GreenMarketing2.0 and here with Steve Morozumi on camera from SF enthusiast.com. We are at West Coast Green, The Premier Conference on Green Building & Innovation taking place in San Francisco, today. And I’m here with David Hopkins, who was the co-author of the great book called Tactics of Hope; How Social Entrepreneurs are Changing The World. So David thanks for joining us today. Let me ask you this. What are two of the most interesting companies that you’ve come across that are actively solving social environmental issues but also turning a profit? David Hopkins (DH) – Oh that’s great. So there are two examples on the book that are particularly significant. One is World of Good. World of Good has recently partnered with eBay to distribute goods that are made, often by women, in developing countries who aren’t paid a fair wage for themselves or for the products that they make. And World of Good brings those products to whole foods and distribution stores in developed countries at a fair price and pays the workers a fair wage. The second one is Brighter Planet. Is new credit card sponsored by Bank of America that everytime that you swipe for your

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