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March 24, 2011 · 0 comments

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Green Horizon manufactures sustainable prefabricated homes that can be transported easily and can be easily and QUICKLY set up by anyone. These homes are ideal for disaster relief or situations where short term use and mobility are central needs. These homes can be transported in three different ways: they can be pulled since they have their own wheels and trailer hedge, they can be placed on a rail car, they can be shipped overseas in a shipping container. To allow for transportation, this unit is collapsible and can shrink from 13ft to 8ft in width. The motor responsible for the expanding and collapsing of this unit has numerous backup alternatives, so that in a disaster, you can rest assured that your unit will open. Green Horizon will also store these units for you for future circumstances requiring emergency relief. These units are self-sustainable for one week, so you can pull your trailer to a deserted area with no fuel, water, or power and expect to do okay. The unit on display at this year’s West Coast Green was a 2 bedroom, one bath unit, with a small kitchen and built in furniture. Additional features of the unit include: a gray and black water system that is continuously filtered and circulated beneath the floors of the unit to prevent stagnation, Dura-Foam Panels for formaldehyde-free foam insulation with an R value of 22, and a hybrid electrical generation system of 8 gel pack batteries, solar panels, and a biodiesel generator. All parts of the Green Horizon

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