Trees That Please Introduction

December 6, 2010 · 5 comments

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Trees That Please is known across the Southwest as the grower of high desert trees, the best low water trees for our climate and soil. Trees That Please is also Valencia County’s Full Time Year Round Nursery, located across from the Tome Hill on Highway 47. We are dedicated to using an organic only program and therefore chemicals that fail to meet the USDA NOP benchmark for organic approval are not sold or used in our nursery. There are likely over 1 million trees in landscapes all over New Mexico, the Southwest and the Rocky Mountain Region that have been propagated and grown by Trees That Please over the past several decades. Soil Secrets LLC is a company that evolved from the research and development done by Michael Martin Meléndrez -founder and owner of Trees That Please, along with other professional staff members of Michael’s business. With Trees That Please, Michael’s other business called Soil Secrets is recognized across North America and into many other countries for offering soil amendments and biological soil inoculum products that meet the highest efficacy standards in the industry and has been awarded recognition for this achievement by several institutions of science. Today the products of Soil Secrets can be purchased across the continent and can be viewed at Michael is often in demand as a speaker at conference’s put on by the USDA, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the International Oak Society, the Native

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