Free Energy Made a Reality via John Searl – No more electric bills – No need for gas – Freedom

June 5, 2011 · 25 comments

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Free Energy Flyer for the Public Twin Opposing Vortexes and The Illusion of Pull: How the SEG Operates and Eliminates Radiation: Visit to Searl Magnetics: Visualization of Spherical Harmonics (Magnetism) verses String Harmonics (Electricity) Jason Verbelli Interview on Searl 1: Jason Verbelli Interview Part 2: http Over 30 hours of Searl interviews Rex Research Searl Links Background: Design and Manufacturing: Searl Effect and Gunnar Sandberg: Articles: Some Media: Other Documents and Links: Validation from Russian Researchers: The Apple of my Eye: . . Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat Helical Helix book: Show me the circuit for a given drop of water in a hydroelectric plant and I’ll show you the circuit for a given electron in the SEG. A water drop evaporates to become part of all other water drops which then condense and become useable again. Nature’s recycling system. 2nd Law doesn’t apply since the SEG operates using the same principles as a hydroelectric dam. 2nd “Law” of Thermodynamics doesn’t apply to an OPEN SYSTEM, or Living system. . . Newton’s first law supposes or assumes that

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