G Edward Griffin – More Deadly Than War – Part 2 of 8

June 24, 2011 · 13 comments

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This 1960s lecture on communism warns how a nation can be weakened and destroyed from within. The trick is to convince the people that they must give up some of their freedom for some supposed greater good. Links to informative news articles by The New American magazine: Race and Revolution Revolutionaries of all colors are playing the “race card” to cultivate conflict throughout the nation. www.thenewamerican.com Fanning the Flames of Rage There’s a bloody race war coming to America — that is, if the fulminations of columnist Carl Rowan and others of his ilk incite enough rage and discontent. www.thenewamerican.com Jesse Jackson: “Problem Profiteer” For more than three decades, Jackson played an important part in one of the Establishment’s most successful strategies: The creation of conflict as a pretext for a tyrannical “solution.” www.thenewamerican.com Police, Race & Cincinnati’s Riots The independence of America’s local police is being threatened by a double-team attack of revolutionary thugs on the street and scheming politicians at the federal level. www.thenewamerican.com Local Police Under Siege The local police officer is in danger of extinction — not from the violence and turmoil he faces daily on the streets — but at the hands of the federal government that wants his job. www.thenewamerican.com Erasing the “Thin Blue Line” Often accused of racism and frequently facing federal probes into their conduct, police across the nation are pulling out of minority

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