Gosford Clean – Up

April 20, 2011 · 18 comments

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Sorry for the late start to 2010 guys, but lets kick it off with a clean up collection over at Gosford. I went there in the Christmas/New Years holidays of 2009 2010 and I found myself lucky in seeing this truck, a 2008 IVECO ACCO/Garwood Maxipact. They also use 07 models which you can see on Mitchs profile, MitchellM15. I snapped this up after walking back from waiting for the green waste collector for roughly 2 hours or so, didnt get him in action but however earlier that morning I got an alright amount of footage of the garbage and recycling collectors so that was pretty good 🙂 As I was walking I could hear a sound of a ACCO, thinking it was just one of the Raptors they have over there, look around the corner and there was sitting this Maxipact just leaving the pile he just collected so I ran for my life to the next stop which was only acouple of streets away and got this stop in action. Ill be uploading a second part to this video with a smaller stop and acouple of drive bys pretty shortly. As youll see its a nice, big pile of furniture and mattresses etc, would hate to think that 1 driver pure truck has to deal with piles like this and bigger by himself everyday, would be a massive pain in arse and working from 5am 5pm doesnt help much either but I reckon more then anything at the end of the day these blocks deserve to put their feet up and have a cold beer or 2 🙂 From now on im going to upload longer videos, 10 minute ones etc. thanks to video editing software I

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