Solve The Electricity Shortage Problem Must First Be Saving Energy Saving

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With Two Convening of energy once again become the focal point of energy resources and alleviate the contradiction between economic and social development, energy conservation became a topic of concern to the whole society. Of our government’s “Eleventh Five-Year Planning Program “is to save energy as a key business indicators require mandatory enforcement.

Electricity shortage And energy shortage Electricity shortage, rising oil prices, tight coal supply in recent years … … the energy crisis is a test of China’s economic development, especially large-scale electricity shortage has aroused public attention. 2005 total of 26 provincial power grid blackouts, caused Yuwan billion to the state in economic losses. Large areas of the electricity shortage energy shortage in direct contact with people the pain.

China’s oil shortage is very serious, according to statistics, since 1993 become a net importer of oil after the dependence on foreign oil has increased to 7.6% in 1995 to 31% in 2000 to nearly 60% by 2020. Although China’s rich coal resources, but proved very low level. 2000 for the construction of new mine untapped reserves of economic precise survey only 20.3 billion tons, far from meeting the needs of building coal, yet the use of economic precise survey 86% of reserves located in drought and water shortage, far from consumption centers central and western regions, development, transport and use difficult. Reserves of hydropower resources in China ranks first in the world, but the development of a serious shortage. In accordance with our current construction speed, power shortage will persist for a considerable period of time. Obviously, China’s energy supply situation is difficult in the short term change.

Cutting has become a social consensus

Energy shortage has caused the party and government attach great importance, are a common concern of the whole society, saving society has been shouting slogans ring and become a society-wide consensus. In the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the energy saving target for the first time with the economic growth target was placed on the position of equal importance.

In addition, the news from the National Development and Reform Commission, said China will focus on the implementation of 1000 energy companies energy conservation, energy conservation Audit Implementation of GDP Energy consumption Bulletin system. Visible, saving as a means to solve the energy problem has been put on our government agenda. The user side, caused by the energy shortages of oil, gas and electricity prices has greatly increased the cost of production and living costs, saving has become their best choice. Cutting into the current social production and life of an important theme.

Saving Practical feasibility The use of energy, electricity has been a big head, but the power itself is transformed from relying on other energy products, so the significance of saving energy is important for. And construction of new power plant cycle and the negative impact on the environment compared to the more energy saving environmental protection and economic feasibility. Successive years behind China’s serious electricity shortage in the waste of electricity, which is an important reason for electricity shortage caused.

Electricity from the terminal point of view, China’s power efficiency is very low, the unit GDP energy consumption in developed countries, 3 to 5 times, if we adopt advanced management methods to improve energy efficiency, every year at least 200 billion kwh of electricity saving potential . Energy inefficient power conversion for energy-saving industry brought great development space. Enterprises through the application of energy-saving equipment and energy-saving technology can save electricity more than 10%. It is in this context, emerged in China energy-saving industries, the birth of the power-saving technology such as point stone industry predators enterprises.

Saving energy requires the use of social forces

Alleviate the situation of energy shortage, the Government need vision to guide the strategic level, saving energy industries. Yet, if the Government’s determination and compulsory policy measures is not enough, only the full involvement of social forces to promote energy-saving industries prosper. China’s energy industry, in fact this success with the intervention of social forces is inseparable from the domestic energy-saving industry leader?? Shandong Point Stone Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a good example, in its short five-year period , has introduced four major categories of energy-saving products, including independent research and development enterprise TS-HVAF series pressure transducer has been applied for the two national invention patents, a utility model patents, the leading domestic and international advanced level, is the international the safest, most stable, application of the most extensive, most reliable running new high-voltage inverter.

As a social force energy industry representatives point has for hundreds of stone technology enterprises saving transformation project, the cumulative saving nearly 800 million kwh; products are widely used in papermaking, chemical, Building Materials , Textile , Metallurgy , Brewing and other medium-sized enterprises and municipal management, and achieved good economic and social benefits. To build an economical and social development made a positive contribution. The company has been rated “Top Ten Industry Invisible Champion”, “quality of stability in the country’s electricity power plant qualified enterprises”, “protect the integrity of the National Product Quality Management Demonstration Unit” and got “2005 Energy Conservation Award” honor.

Solve the electricity shortage problem, a combined effort, on the one hand the need for government policy support and guidance, on the other hand need to point that rock technology community to become involved, as long as both sides found the meeting point, will promote China’s energy industry took Health Development. [Popular Keywords]: Saving   Energy   Electricity shortage Comment Large   In   Small

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