Dog Food Puzzles – Sophia the Italian Greyhound Gets Challenged

September 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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Wendy Hughes-Jelen (Green Spaces Real, Westside Green Living with Wendy on Facebook) speaks of making her dog work for all of her food. Wendy found the plastic version of Nina Ottoson’s “Dog Brick” at Scraps at 2200 Westlake. She has been asking the shop to get them for months, since they were the only shop that knew what she was talking about when she asked. Making your dog work for its food provides mental stimulation for your dog and satisfies the hunter instinct in all dogs. This is Sophia’s 2nd time to use the puzzle and she does quite well! Wendy shows how she prepares the food and the puzzle, and gives some other tips and tricks that might help you with your own dog. Nina Ottosson (Sweden) Dog Brick Puzzle Toy can be found in both wood and plastic versions. The shop where Wendy bought hers only carried the plastic version, which is less expensive. “The Dog Brick is a clever and inventive puzzle from Nina Ottosson that lets you hide your treats in recesses located under a series of interlocking sliding blocks. Since the blocks can not be removed, your dog is required to locate the treats by sliding the blocks with either his paw or his nose in order to retrieve his reward. These unique interactive wooden puzzles are designed to enrich your pets mind and foster a stronger relationship between people and their beloved furry family members. These toys are revolutionizing the way we think of playing with our pets.”

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